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Bearspaw Preschool is an incredible place to learn, discover, create and grow.

The Bearspaw Preschool is a not-for-profit society that offers both morning and afternoon programs for three and four year old students. The Bearspaw Preschool is committed to providing a rich and exciting play environment where your child can learn, play, make new friends, discover and create in a positive and fun way.

Children are taught by a qualified Teacher as well as a Teacher’s Aide.

Each year we look forward to working closely with parents to ensure this first school experience is the best possible for your child.

Your child’s educational and social experience will include circle time, playtime, learning centers, science, art and crafts. Additional activities involve time in the Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre’s gym, outdoor activities on the playground, field trips and special guests to further enrich and diversify the program’s offerings.

Visit www.bearspawpreschool.com for more information.